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I'm glad to meet You on my site. Here you can download programs made by me, read my articles, visit some interesting links. There are different inquiries on my website pages. Please, If it's not difficult for you, answer them. The author is very interested in your opinion. Also you can e-mail me to

If you are looking for

If you are looking for latent features of software, added as a joke by the authors, so called «eastern eggs», I will recommend you the article (Russian) with the same title.

If you are searching how to use multimedia abilities of Your computer in DOS, for instance, listen to MP3 and OGG music, or watch MPEG4 or DivX video, You should go to Links, «Multimedia in DOS» section. Also You can read the article «Speedy Kid» (Russian) about one of such players - Quick View Pro. Besides, You can examine Blackman`s Video Disk, which now is in "Other programs" section.

If you are looking for one-disk operating systems, want to download QNX Demodisk, or details about Knoppix or Frenzy, I advice You to turn to «Taste no-Windows» (Russian) article. There you can find links for OS images downloading.

If you are looking for ability to use Robotron printer in Windows or DOS, then you should visit Robotron program's page and read FAQ with detail instruction.

Help and install creation programs, you should turn to links for the required information.

If you are looking for compilation or decompilation program of CHM-files, then you can use links page, or directly go to the home page of HTM2CHM.

If you are looking for phone cards scanning, You should draw attention to Phone Card Reader. Full detailed and understandable help with technology and device description, and references are built in.

If you are looking for way of protection e-mail address in HTML-page for refusing spam, You should draw attention to Blackman`s E-mail encoder and read the articles «Attack of The Spam» (Russian) about methods of spammers and «Encoding of E-mail Address» (Russian) about one of the e-mail protection methods in HTML-page.

If you are looking for information about post protocols' work and e-mail messages formats (.eml files), I advise You read the article «Working with mail... by hand» (Russian).

If you are looking for universal boot disk for repairing system put your attention to Blackman`s Boot Disk in Other programs section.

If you are looking for file formats, probably, You are interested in Scan.

If you are looking for Telephone Directory of Kirov-city. Unfortunately, you can't download it. See more on program's page.

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