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Blackman`s eBook Converter

Blackman`s eBook Converter is a program for transformation books to convenient format.

Most of books in Internet have sprung from the most famous FIDO-echo BOOK. According to the requirements of the time when e-books have just appeared, all of them were plain text (DOS CP866) with line breaks. Since then technologies have made a big step forward. Now we prefer to read e-books with suitable font and division to chapters and usually they are in HTML format. HTML is standard format for many devices, like PDA and smartphones. Besides, it can be easily converted to any other format (for instance, iSilo pdb, which can be read on the most of mobile platforms).

Exactly for such converting this software was created. Just by double click, you can do full converting of the book to convenient format with division into chapters and parts, and with ready table of contents.

Program's abilities:

  • Full automatic reformatting of texts.
  • Recognition and converting of document encoding.
  • Structure parsing of the book.
  • Font separation of chapters and parts.
  • Automatic generation table of contents.
  • Restoring font from symbol interchange (for example, _l_i_k_e__t_h_i_s_).
  • Several color schemes for HTML-documents.
  • Preview results of converting.
  • Saving results of converting in following formats: Plain text, HTML, HTML with table of contents and RTF.
  • File size optimization.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface, nevertheless microscopical size of executable file.
  • Russian and English version of the program.
  • Lite DOS-version of the program.

Program is dual executable, it means that in Windows will run Windows-version, and in DOS - DOS-version correspondingly. DOS-version works from command line and has some limitation: you may convert only to plain text, i.e. line breaks are deleted and spaces are optimized.

What's new in this version?

  • version 1.1
    - Some minor bugfixes

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  • Information
    Date Released:April 2005
    Platform:MS-DOS, WinAll
    MS-DOS Windows 9x/Me Windows NT/2000/XP
    Version 1.1 (Zip-archive, 42 Kb)
  • Download from narod.ru
    Version 1.0 (Zip-archive, 41 Kb)
  • Download from narod.ru
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