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Blackman's E-mail encoder

Nowadays there is almost no Internet users who never received spam (advertising postings, which they didn't subscribe). All over the Internet around the clock thousand of spammer's e-mail harvesting robots stroll. They collect addresses of potential victims. A unique way to avoid receiving spam is to publish the e-mail address nowhere and never.

What can people do if this way doesn't for them? In this case you will not make a gift to spamers as the readily available electronic address. Just encode it using Blackman's E-mail encoder!

E-mail encoder allows to choose any of four e-mail encode metods: from simple (not encoded) link up to JavaScript (address extracting is possible only by manual processing). So functionality of the link is completely kept!

All coding mechanisms are based on stealth-technology. Each new created link differs from any previous. There is no code, that identifies link created using this program.

Advantages of E-mail encoder in comparison with other similar programs are:
  • Free distribution (Freeware)
  • Offers an opportunity to choice one of four Encode method
  • An opportunity to use an image as a link
  • Small size (40 Kb against 300-400 Kb)
  • Multilingual interface
  • Multiplatform (the program works both in Windows, and in DOS)
  • All links work correctly even in IE 3.0

    PHP version

    Now exists php-realisation of Blackman`s E-mail encoder - thanx to .

    Exists alternative version from le`Aio

    Perl version

    Now exists perl-realisation of Blackman`s E-mail encoder - thanx to (

    What's new in this version ?

  • version 1.21
    + Added new languages.
    + Some small errors fixed.
  • version 1.2
    + Added link font dialog.
    + Alternative text are always created for the case, when JavaScript is disabled. Symbol @ is interchanged with © or ®.
    + Created new localization system, based on plain text instead of reg-files.
  • version 1.1
    + Added link attributes edition.
    + Added image insert on the button "Image" click.
    + DOS-version is totally rewritten. Now it has window interface.
    + The engine has been changed a little.
    + Now, even if in a user's browser JavaScript is disabled, the text (or image) of JavaScript-link will be shown. But in this case link doesn't work.
    + The language files are moved from the separate file to the program's distributive.
    + The documentation has been revised and completed.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: Who needs this program?
    A: This program will be useful to the owners of home pages, webmasters, and also all of people, who works directly with a HTML-code.

    Q: Will the link created by your program work correctly if I enter it into field of any forum?
    A: For sure, won't. The most of forums cuts all active HTML-content.

    Q: After coding the text of link can't be read.
    A: It should be so. Probably, this code isn't clear for you, but it is quite clear for browser.

    Q: What should I do to make the address in the e-mail client displayed as "John Smith"?
    A: You should enter "John Smith <>" in a e-mail address field (certainly, without quotes).

    Q: I have made the link based on the image, but the image isn't displayed correctly.
    A: Check up correctness of path to the image in a field "Display as". By default image should be in the same folder with HTML-document.

    Q: I use cascade stylesheet (CSS) on my home page. What should I do to make the link created by your program have the appropriate class?
    A: You should enter, for example, "class=EmailLink" into field "Link attributes".

    Q: Where can I find the information about protection the e-mail address of spam?
    A: On my homepage there is review "Encoding of the e-mail address" (in Russian). This review is published in several russian on-line magazines. Also you can read review "Top secret" about this program (in Russian).

    Q:After setup new version, program crashes (Runtime error 216 at 0000XXXX), though old one worked normally. What can I do?
    A:You can try to delete program settings from the system registry. You can use uninstall.reg in distributive of the program.

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